This site is about UB’s International programs, world affairs and the United Nations. It is  a gateway to lectures, notes, and classes regarding the UN at the University of Bridgeport. Its aim is to seek a common understanding for the need of reform of the UN, for more effectively and dynamically addressing international problems of development, hunger, peace and freedom.

UB International Political Economy and Diplomacy major Myung Jin Baldini attending the 7th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Ever since the signing of the Charter in 1945, the United Nations has been a source of inspiration for many, and the University of Bridgeport has been one of its strong supporters. During the last decades it has undertaken valuable efforts to ensure security, peacekeeping, and development throughout the world. The United Nations has been involved in matters of political, economic, and humanitarian nature. And the UN has been challenged with issues such as violations of human rights, organized crime, terrorism, genocide, illegal arms trade, economic depression, human refugees, natural disasters, and environmental deterioration.

Some of its achievements include maintaining peace and security by deploying peace-keeping forces and through negotiation, promoting development, reducing drug abuse, improving global trade relations, facilitating academic and cultural exchanges, improving education and literacy rates in developing nations, clearing landmines, reducing the effects of natural disasters, fighting pollution, etc.

Through various courses and through first-hand meetings with UN officers and other honorable officials, the University of Bridgeport’s students gain a well-rounded perspective of the historical issues and the current issues around the world, and at the UN.


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